No More Ransom partners with Microsoft, Cisco for anti-ransomware tools

by chebbi abir

No More Random, an anti-ransomware tools provider, recently added Bleeping Computer, Cisco and ESET as associate partners, and Microsoft, Symantec, Coveware and Northwind Data Recovery in a support role. The company aims to fight ransomware through encryption tools and partnerships with companies and law enforcement agencies around the world, according to a press release.

No More Ransom’s encryption tools have decrypted more than 72,000 infected computers. The online portal is currently available in 35 languages and features 59 free decryption tools covering 91 ransomware families, according to the release.

Recently, No More Ransom partnered with the Romanian National Police, Europol and the Bitdefender universal decryption tool for the GrandCrab malware. This tool has helped more than 4,400 victims from 150 countries recover their files.

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