Cybercrime as a Service – Hackers Selling Ransomware, RDP logins and Credit Card Details on the Underground Markets

by chebbi abir

The underground markets flooded with a number of hacking tools that can be used to perform various malicious activities in the form of Cybercrime as a Service.

All these tools and services are offered at various pricing range, there are here are a number of dark web markets available such as Berlusconi Market, Empire Market, Wall Street Market, DreamPoint.

An analysis by Eset estimates the cost of products on the dark web markets and their prices.


A ransomware-as-as-service is a service allows attackers to host their service in dark web which allows anyone to buy and use the services with their own modifications.

Eset spotted a wide range of ransomware packages for sale on the dark web, the criminals offering Updates, technical support, access to C&C servers.

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RDP Logins

RDP logins sold on the dark web markets giving access to various RDP servers around the globe and the price varies between US$8-15 per server based on country and operating system.

“After buying such access, a cybercriminal might then use it to run ransomware or perhaps to install more discreet malware, such as banking Trojans or spyware.”

Servers for DDoS attacks

Cybercriminals put botnets on sale for launching DDoS attacks or for sending spam emails. the price varies depends on the service and how long you are to use the botnet.

The price ranging from 1 to 24 hours, an example indicates for three hours it costs US$60.

PayPal and credit card accounts

Credit card and Paypal details are for sale in various dark web stores and the charges about 10% of the total credit available in the stolen account.

Some cybercriminals also show what are the tools that they have used in conducting the phishing activity.

So, we can see that cybercriminals, hidden by tools that give them a certain degree of anonymity, have put together a profitable criminal industry, which includes everything from advertising and marketing to customer service, updates, and user manuals.  ESET Said.


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