Hackers Use Fake Google Analytics Scripts To Steal Credit Card Details from Magneto-based Websites

by chebbi abir

Hackers inject malicious skimmer scripts that steal the credit card information from the checkout pages of Magento based online shopping sites.

Security researchers from Sucuri noticed credit card-stealing scripts uses a fake Google Analytics and Angular scripts to make them appear less suspicious and to evade detection form website administrators.

“The malicious code is obfuscated and injected into legitimate JS files, such as skin/frontend/default/theme122k/js/jquery.jscrollpane.min.js, js/meigee/jquery.min.js, and js/varien/js.js.”

The obfuscated script loads another obfuscated script from the fake Google analytics URL www.google-analytics[.]cm/analytics.js and googlc-analytics[.]cm/analytics.js. The obfuscated script also masked itself as a Google Analytics script.

skimmer scripts

Some sites infected with the Fake Angular Script that contains keywords such as Angular.io, algularToken, angularCdn, and angularPages. Here the attackers use the fake tag manager URL’s hxxps://www.gooqletagmanager[.]com/gtm.js and hxxps://googletagmanager[.]eu/gtm.js.

According to PublicWWW, at the time of writing 39 sites containing these fake Angular scripts and all these scripts loads credit card stealers from different URLs.

“These hacked sites are not limited to Magento. URL structure analysis tells us that these sites are powered by different CMSs, mainly by WordPress, Joomla, and Bitrix,” reads Sucuri blog post.

The skimming scripts grab the credit card information entered by customers in checkout pages and pass the data in realtime and pass the information to C2 servers. The skimmer scripts generally look for fields such as credit card number, validity and billing address.

Website administrators are strongly recommended to scrutinize every change or addition of new code to their website.


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