Anonymous Hacker Group Destroyed 1 Million Web Pages that Owned by Coca-Cola, ToysRUs, McDonald’s

by chebbi abir

Anonymous Threat actor group compromised hundreds of websites and destroyed nearly 1 million Israeli based webpages that belong to some of the leading brands including Coca-Cola, ToysRUs, McDonald’s.

This breach also affected some of the leading websites in Isreal including
Ynet and Calcalist where hackers displayed political messages.

Hackers mostly compromised the well-known brand websites that launched for Isreal users such as address,

A vulnerability that existing the third party accessibility plugin-in called malicious JavaScript code that corrupted the site and let attackers took advantage to exploit and compromise the millions of web pages.

The nagich is a disabled page accessibility plugin allowed to access over 1 million Israeli web pages so this critical vulnerability existing in nagich plug-in leads to compromise all these web pages.

Hundreds of Websites compromised by hackers due to the nagich team lethargic action in order to fix this vulnerability.

Initially, this breach related vulnerability posted by a security researcher Yuval Adamin Twitter where he says nagich script implemented Isreali websites are hacked and displays the following message.


The way Third Party Plugin Abused by Hackers

Since the nagich accessibility Plugin contains a severe vulnerability let hackers to replace the malicious code with an embedded link.

It was successfully achieved by taking control of a record on a DNS server of the nagich service domain name that allows attackers to redirect traffic to a server that it controls rather than to the original server.

Ran Bar-Zik Programmer and a security researcher wrote in “Internet israel” who wanted to reach the domain name where the accessibility script was located were redirected to the IP address ][] instead of the correct IP address of the server: [].”

The nagich site is not just a website. Is a site that provides an accessibility plugin. An accessibility plugin is a small Java script that runs on a site that chooses to use this service and gives it all kinds of options.

Once we gave permission to other functions then it has an ability to run code on our site means that, it can do anything with our site.

As soon as the attackers diverted the traffic from the legitimate server to their illegitimate server, they injected malicious code that made defacement, that’s all. Researcher said.

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