ATM Skimming Attack – Scammers Hijack ATM’s built-in Security Camera to Steal User’s PIN

by chebbi abir

A new unique ATM Skimming attack that hijacks the ATM’s built-in security camera to steal the user’s PIN.

Scammers place skimmer that includes a camera, over the built-in customer-facing security camera in ATM machine and angles them toward ATM PIN pad to record the user’s PIN.

According to Kerbs On Security report, “the PIN grabber camera was paired with a wafer-thin, battery-powered insert skimmer that placed in the mouth of card acceptance slot. So that the card skimmer cannot be seen from outside of the compromised ATM”.

ATM Skimming Attack

The insert skimmers are stealthy, these skimmers are designed to place over the top of the cash machine’s card acceptance slot.

These skimmers capture the card data from the magnetic stripe on the backs of cards inserted into a hacked ATM, by placing a pinhole spy camera over the built-in ATM’s security camera, scammers can grab the user PIN.

Skimmers are essentially malicious card readers that grab the data of the card’s magnetic stripe attached to the real payment terminals so that they can harvest data from every person that swipes their cards.

It is difficult to find a skimmer attached, researchers from University of Florida developed Skim Reaper that detects physical properties and necessary constraints for a wide range of skimmers that steal card data.

U.S. Secret Service warned the new form of ATM Skimming Attack called “Wiretapping” targeting the financial institutions.

Criminals involved in this attack by creating a small size of the hole in the ATM machine and steal the customer data directly from card reader inside of the ATM Mchine.

Covering the ATM PIN pad with had or wallet is the easiest way to get rid of these ATM Skimming attacks.
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