Microsoft Discontinues Windows 10 Sets Tabbed Window Feature

by chebbi abir

The much anticipated Windows 10 tabbed window feature called Sets has been discontinued according to a tweet from a Microsoft senior project manager.

The Sets feature enabled Windows 10 users to organize related applications, documents, and tasks into one tabbed windows. This would allow them to work easier with all of the necessary information for a particular task located in an organized “Set”.

When Microsoft announced this feature, users were excited as it would finally bring the highly requested tabbed File Explorer and tabbed console to Windows.

Tabbed File Explorer
Tabbed File Explorer

While development in Sets continued for some time in Windows 10 Insider builds, Microsoft finally announced that they were pulling the public development of Sets from Insider builds and that it would not be released with the Windows 10 October 2018 update (Redstone 5).

The announcement, though, did indicate that Windows 10 Sets was simply being developed internally and would make it back in a future Windows Insider Program build.

“If you have been testing Sets, you will no longer see it as of today’s build, however, Sets will return in a future WIP flight. Thanks again for your feedback.”

In a tweet by Microsoft Senior Project Manager Rich Turner, it has been discovered that Sets has been shelved.




Turner did say, though, that adding the tab experience to the Windows shell is high on their to-do list, so we will hopefully see it come back under a different form or feature name.


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