Hackers Hosting Malware On Google Sites To Steal Data and Share It to the Remote Server

by chebbi abir

Cybercriminals abusing Google sites via drive-by download attack to host
dubbed “LoadPCBanker” banking malware to steal various sensitive data from compromised victims.

Threat actors abusing Google sites file cabinets template and use it as a delivery medium and SQL as an exfiltration channel to share the stolen data to the remote server.

Google Sites is for anyone to be able to create simple web sites that support collaboration between different editors.

The file cabinet template allows you to create a place to “store” documents, images, pdfs, presentations or any digital file.

Since the malware being delivered from the highly trusted vendor, infection ratio of the attack would be extremely high..

Other Google services such as Gmail block some malicious file uploads but Google sites file cabinets template doesn’t block and protect from upload any malicious files.

In this case, researchers discovered this banking trojan as
Win32.LoadPCBanker.Gen and the malware being delivered from the following Google Sites URL:https://sites.google[.]com/site/detailsreservations/Reserva-Manoel_pdf.rar?attredirects=0&d=1. 

Google Sites Hosted with Malware

Threat actors using the ‘Recent site activity’ option in Google sites that contains a malicious archive file attachment with the name of “Reserva Manoel”.

Google Sites

Attackers using classic Google sites to create a website and used the file cabinet template to upload the malware and generate the malicious URL that will be shared with targeted victims.

Google Sites
Delivery mechanism of the malware using Google sites

Malicious URL that hosted in Google sites drops the LoadPCBanker malware, After the execution process it drops the first-stage parent downloader.

Firs Stage of downloader later drops the next stage payloads from a file hosting website.

According to netskope analysis,  RAR archive “Reserva-Manoel_pdf.rar” contained an executable ”PDF Reservations Details MANOEL CARVALHO hospedagem familiar detalhes PDF.exe”. The filename translates to “PDF Reservations Details MANOEL CARVALHO guest house details PDF.exe” from Portuguese to English, indicating to be likely targeting Brazil or Portuguese speaking users.

Next stage payload Otlook.exe and cliente.dll are malicious files and
libmySQL50.DL is a library of mysql which is used to send the victim data to the server.

Attack Kill chain of LoadPCBanker

Also, the next stage payloads collect screenshots, clipboard data, and keystrokes from the victim. Finally, it uses SQL, an exfiltration channel to send the victim data to the server, Netscape said.

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