Hacker Compromised Several IoT Botnet C2 Servers and Taken Control Over Due to Weak Credentials

by chebbi abir

A Hacker who goes by name Subby has compromised more than 29 IoT botnet command and control servers that were using weak login credentials.

He launched a brute force attack on these C2 servers and gain access to a number of IoT botnets including Mirai and QBot botnet servers using their weak and default passwords.

Threat actors themselves use weak and default passwords for their C2 servers, which enables another black hat hacker to gain access to the bots and to perform malicious activities.

Subby shared a list of weak credentials to Ankit Anubhav, that shows a list of common username and passwords. The common username and passwords include “root=root, admin=admin”.

29 IoT botnet

An interview with Subby by Ankit Anubhav details the methods used by the attacker to compromise the IoT botnet servers.

He used NMAP scanner to find the port numbers of the C2 server, he said that a “large percentage of botnet operators are simply following tutorials which have spread around in the community or are accessible on YouTube to set up their botnet.”

“Within the 1st week of brute forcing, I surpassed 40,000 devices. This was quite an inflated number due to possible duplication. I estimate the number to be closer to 25,000 unique devices.”


To read the original article:https://gbhackers.com/29-iot-botnet-c2-servers/



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