Hackers stole $5.4 million from cryptocurrency exchange ETERBASE

by chebbi abir

Slovak cryptocurrency exchange ETERBASE disclosed a security breach, hackers stole cryptocurrency funds worth $5.4 million.

Slovak cryptocurrency exchange ETERBASE disclosed a security breach, the hackers stole Bitcoin, Ether, ALGO, Ripple, Tezos, and TRON assets worth $5.4 million.

The company disclosed the hack on Thursday, threat actors have stolen various cryptocurrencies from its hot wallets, it also suspended all the transactions until September 10.

“Dear users, as we have informed our customers/community yesterday, the hot wallets of the ETERBASE Exchange were compromised and assets worth approximately $ 5.4 million were stolen.” reads the data breach notification published by the company.

The company notified law enforcement authorities that are investigating into the incident, it also informed its users that it has enough capital to meet all our obligations.

“We have reported the matter to law enforcement and we are cooperating closely in the investigation. We want to assure our clients that we are taking all necessary steps to ensure that the amount of their deposit does not suffer any damage as a result of a hacker attack.” reads a message posted on the company’s Telegram channel.

The company announced the hack on Twitter and through a series of messages posted on its Telegram channel.

ETERBASE revealed that it detected the attack but that was not able to block it.

ETERBASE revealed it has tracked the fraudulent transactions and is following the stolen funds and informed exchanges where they were moved to avoid that attackers could cash them out.

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