Coil Payments Accidentally Leaked Users Emails Addresses, Apologizes Later

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Coil, a micro-payments platform similar to Flatter, has leaked some of its users’ email addresses to others in an email. The company has sent an email to all its users regarding a “privacy policy” update. It included over 1,000 email addresses of other users in the CC section of the sent email! This act was soon apologized to by Coil’s CEO.


Coil Leaks Users Email Addresses

Coil Payments Accidentally Leaked Users Emails Addresses, Apologizes Later

The Coil is a micro-payments platform supported by Ripple and is more like Flatter. It rewards content creators for drawing traffic and adds a source of income to them.


The company has updated its “Privacy Policy” yesterday, which was notified to users through bulk email, which had a “human error,” causing the CEO to apologize soon.

It’s seen that the bulk email notifications regarding the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy update sent to users have included the email addresses of others in the CC section.

Coil email addresses leak
Source: BleepingComputer

This means all those email recipients mentioned in the CC section will get a copy of those emails. But what’s being considered here is the leakage of others’ email addresses, which shouldn’t be disclosed.

As observed by BleepingComputer, there were at least 1,000 email addresses of others mentioned in the CC section. The company was soon to realize this mistake and came up with an apology from its CEO.

In the following email sent to all users, Stefan Thomas, CEO of Coil, apologized for this act without having any CC email addresses.

He termed this as unfortunate and said: “due to a human error related to how we interface with our mailing list provider, several users’ email addresses were populated alongside yours.

Further, “We’re deeply sorry and hope you can forgive us for this mistake. We’re here to help you with any concerns or issues you may have as a result of this error.”

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