New Cylance Ransomware Targets Linux and Windows, Warn Researchers

by chebbi abir

A new ransomware strain with the name ‘Cylance Ransomware’ has been unearthed by security researchers, in what could be a new lease of life for long-time threat actors.

Samples of the ransomware’s payload have already been collected after successful attacks were launched on unnamed victims.

The Unit 42 threat intelligence division of Palo Alto Networks revealed the existence of the Cylance strain in the early hours of Friday morning, saying that it appears to be targeting both Windows and Linux machines.

Little information exists at present on the tactics or reach of Cylance, though it appears that the strain has emerged recently.

The ransom note left to victims has been published, including details of the threat actors’ email addresses but not the ransom itself. The sum will most likely be revealed to the victim after they make contact with the attackers.

“All your files are encrypted, and currently unusable, but you need to follow our instructions. Otherwise, you can’t return your data (never),” the note read.

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